Every SPCA’s primary function is not Homing Animals it is Preventing Cruelty.  However we do re-home animals that have been rescued by us or relinquished to us if we judge them to be potentially good family pets.   We are extremely selective over who may adopt which animals from us.   We want to be as certain as possible that the new owners will provide their adopted animals with a loving home for life.

We endeavour to maintain a watching brief over all our adopted animals which is why our animals may not be re-homed outside our area of jurisdiction unless another SPCA agrees to take on responsibility for those animals.   We do not re-home pets to areas where there is no SPCA to undertake this monitoring role.

We encourage people from within our area to adopt an animal from us when they have made a conscious decision to get a new pet.   Photos and profiles of the animals available are posted on our website and in the local weekly newspaper.

Pictures of cute kittens and adorable puppies with heartrending stories being circulated to thousands of “friends” amounts to emotional blackmail.   Many feel they must “save” these animals.   The animals in our care have, in fact, already been saved by the SPCA – now they are waiting for just the right people to visit the SPCA specifically looking for just the right pet to join their family.

Facebook and other social networking groups are great tools for promoting the SPCA cause but not, in our opinion, for the important and serious task of re-homing our precious animals.


Thank You Tea for SPCA Centre Volunteers

“The uMngeni SPCA held an informal tea on the 27th March 2013, to thank and honour the special volunteers that work so tirelessly at our Main St centre and have done so for many, many years. Thank You to you all, for making such a huge difference to our Society. We could not do it without you.”

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All Creatures Matter

beetle2In line with all creatures matter – recycling is a good way to provide for many creatures. This Volks-wagon has become a Chooks-wagon. Don’t just think outside the box but step outside the box and come up with useful ideas to assist many different animals.


Butterflies Are Not Just Insects

butterflyThe NSPCA is against the practice of buying & releasing butterflies at weddings & other celebrations. Why you may ask? There are a few reasons for this. These butterflies are ordered from the supplier who then packages them in envelopes & sends them to you. This causes a number of concerns including varying ranges in temperature & light. During transportation the butterflies also stand the risk of being crushed. In addition most of the releases take place at times when butterflies are not normally active, this results in many of them dying on release. Butterflies are not just insects, they are living creatures that bring beauty to our lives. They need our protection.

We appeal to you not to support this inhumane practice that exploits this delicate & magnificent creation.


Awesome evening at “Riding the Storm”!

Untitled-1WOW!!! What an AWESOME evening we all had last night at our “Riding the Storm” with Peter and Kim Van Ketz, Cheese and Wine fundraiser! Absolutely fabulous support from our public which made it truly an event to remember!

Peter and Kim blew us all away with their accounts of their awe-inspiring, life changing expeditions and journeys! Massive big THANK YOU’s to this dynamic, warm hearted couple for sharing the evening with us and for supporting our cause!

To St. Ives Country Estate for their exceptional hospitality and generosity (and much much more!!), Indezi River Cheeses for the delicious array of cheeses on offer, Abindgon Wine Estate for the fabulous donation of autographed (John Plumtree, Pat Lambie and Keegan Daniels) bottles of wine and Romesco Olives for yummy olives, our grateful THANKS for your support and kindness. And to our wonderful and loyal supporters, we SO appreciate each and everyone of you! ♥ ♥ ♥

Love and Life – World Sterilisation Month is here!


It makes us only too happy to be able to raise the level of awareness on the necessity of having your pets sterilised. All too often, we see hundreds of unwanted puppies and kittens suffering from hunger, thirst, exposure, abuse, neglect and indifference. Our primary focus is on preventing cruelty to animals and when they fall prey to these important tools of survival and health, it is most certainly a very big issue for us. Only we humans can ultimately give animals a chance at a healthy and happy existence.

All baby animals are cute and cuddly, but, they rapidly grow into adults which, without intervention, will soon produce litter after litter of progeny for which there will be many left without a caring, loving, responsible home.

Unwanted litters are also susceptible to internal and external parasites, skin diseases and broken bones for which they will seldom, if ever, receive veterinary treatment. Other illnesses also include venereal and skin diseases, pneumonia, malnutrition and any other passing disease against which they have no immunity or protection. The females give birth repeatedly to litters of more unwanted offspring and search endlessly for anything to eat to keep themselves alive and to produce milk for their young at the expense of their own condition. It becomes a vicious circle of ill health, starvation and disease. It is up to us to be part of the solution, not the problem.

To begin with, we need to be wise. Knowing the ins and outs of the sterilisation process and actively supporting it, is exceptionally important. Being a responsible pet owner is imperative to the quality of life of your pet.

Female dogs and cats should be sterilised at any time from 8 weeks to 6 months, before they have their first season, or heat, under the advisement of the veterinarian. Male dogs should be neutered once their testicles are visible. Apart from preventing cruelty, there are many other benefits of sterilisation. These include major health benefits such as a huge reduction of cancer in the reproductive organs. It also eliminates the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. Animals maintain much better body condition on the same amount of food and they have less desire to roam, therefore reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. Their temperaments tend to be more even too.

Remember that animals don’t think or reason as we do. They will not feel “deprived” by being “childless” or not mating. These buttons will be “switched off” and they will accept things the way they are without regret or complaint.

We have informative library displays on Sterilisation at the Howick, Howick West, Hilton and Mpophomeni libraries throughout the month of February. World Spay day falls on the 26th February and we will be drawing our winners of our free competition at 12 Noon on that day. Support these displays and competition by filling in an entry form at any of the aforementioned libraries or at your vet. Please also consult your vet for discounts on sterilisations during this month! Don’t delay, Spay!!

Until next time, take care

Tess Fernandez, PRO for uMngeni SPCA

Saying NO to Fireworks

NoToFireworksWe recently held our International Animal week and part of our theme for this week was making people aware of the dangers of fireworks to animals.

Its Guy Fawkes Day, Diwali and New Year soon and these days are especially of concern to us.  I am still not entirely sure why we even celebrate Guy Fawkes Day as it originated in Britain and does not really concern us South Africans in any which way! We receive many calls of lost animals and even injured ones during this time. An animal that is terrified of the noise will try and escape and run away. It then could be injured whilst trying to escape or whilst they are on the run.  Many potentially fatal situations arise from these loud fireworks.

What humans perceive as a loud bang up in the sky, animals perceive as rather a resounding bomb. To them it truly feels like the world is ending. They start to shiver, whine, cry and their hearts race. They cannot understand that those bangs are not going to hurt them. They are simply terrified. They will try and run from what they think, is dangerous. Loud, sudden bangs and booms are like living in a war zone to a sensitive animal.

We don’t like it when our loved one’s experience extreme fear so why should we want to allow our beloved pets to experience this? It is unkind, thoughtless and irresponsible.

Please say NO to loud fireworks! The bright, fun, dazzling ones are ok but the noisy ones really frighten the living daylights out of animals.

If anyone in your neighbourhood lets off loud fireworks and your dog or cat is afraid, please find them a dark, quiet corner in your home where they will be safe. Close the curtains, put on the radio or tv and give them lots of attention and love.

No-one is allowed to let off fireworks on a road, so please report this if it is taking place. Children are also not allowed to buy or let off fireworks. No-one is allowed to buy fireworks from a street vendor either. Licenses must be produced by anyone selling fireworks. The Police may be called in if any of these rules are broken.

So, with the “silly season” just around the corner, please be extra protective of your pets and enjoy the bright and dazzling fireworks safely and quietly.

If any problems with animals and fireworks do arise, please contact us on
033 – 330 4557.

Until next time, take care

Tess Fernandez, PRO for uMngeni SPCA

Pick n Pay – Welfare Friendly

Retail group Pick n Pay has come out with strong support of the NSPCA Animal Farm Unit’s position on the total banning of sow crates by 2016.

Ian Crook, National General Manager of Pick n Pay Butchery said that the company was communicating with SAPPO (South African Pork Producers Association) and all Pick n Pay’s  suppliers of pork products in the light of their support of the ban. It was confirmed that any new suppliers to Pick n Pay had to demonstrate prove that the crating system was excluded from any building facilities.

“Our auditing procedures will keep careful track of our suppliers and report back to us regularly on their progress.”

Pick n Pay has been working with the NSPCA’s Animal Farm Unit and agrees with the NSPCA that there will be no further extension of the phasing out of sow stalls. 2016 is the absolute limit.

“We agree that it has already been too long. We think that five years from now is reasonable and realistic.”

The N SPCA thanks Pick n Pay for this position. It is a meaningful stance which places the company at the forefront of welfare standards. It is hoped that where they lead, others will follow.

Information and visuals on the system of crating sows can be found on www.nspca.co.za .

A previous media statement “Misleading the Public and Producers” can be found under Media Releases on www.nspca.co.za in which the NSPCA expresses opposition to the proposal by SAAPO to extend the deadline for the abolition of sow crates until 2020.

LG Cellphone Advert Withdrawn

Ten individuals in addition to the National Council of SPCAs complained to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) regarding the LG Cellphone advertisement: – the one where a young girl sprays a spider with shaving foam. The complaints were “that the commercial perpetuates negative conceptions about spiders and promotes the unnecessary and cruel killing of living creatures. This would negatively influence children.”

The NSPCA stated in a communication to the ASA that, “The message in this advertisement is abominable and we firmly believe it contravenes Section 18 of the ASA Code. It would be interesting to measure this against the Animals Protection Act itself. It is beyond belief that anyone could come up with such an idea. We wonder which advertising agency this was.”

The NSPCA was advised on Friday 18 February that commercial had been withdrawn by LG and would not be broadcast in South Africa again.

LG stated in its defence that the commercial “was produced in Korea as part of a global campaign.”

In which case, WELL DONE SOUTH AFRICA! We congratulate the complainants for their stance and commitment to the cause. The ASA is thanked for reviewing this issue and for its efficiency in giving detailed feedback to the complainants.

The N SPCA felt sufficiently strongly on this issue that the document from the ASA has been forwarded to overseas organisations including the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) and the Humane Society in the United States who may wish to take up the issue elsewhere.

The NSPCA refutes the argument put forward to the ASA by LG that in the advertisement, covering a spider with shaving foam “allows for the safe removal and release of the spider without harm to the environment.”

On the contrary, it is a cruel way of killing a spider.

Meet the team

Robin Farina and Cynthia Wright

Robin Farina and Cynthia WrightMeet the ladies from our Sewing Team! Robin has been an enthusiastic volunteer for 7 years and is one of three very capable and creative ladies who run the sewing department at our Main Street Centre. She also is very actively involved in the 1000 Paws Walk every year and has worked tirelessly as part of the Catering team as well. Cynthia has been an amazing addition to the Sewing team for the past 4 years. Her sewing skills continue to be of huge assistance to us – enabling us to sell more items in our retail shops. In the 2012 year, the ladies have done wonders with all the fabric and other items that are donated to us and they spend many hours sorting through the donations that are given to us. To date, they have made 800 items of cushions, curtains, dresses and other sewing items for our shops! Well done ladies!

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Lots of people talk to animals.... Not very many listen, though.... That's the problem. ~Benjamin Hoff, The Tao of Pooh

by uMngeni SPCA

We support ONLY the circuses that DO NOT use animals of any kind to entertain the crowds. The use of wild animals in Circus acts is inhumane

by uMngeni SPCA

did you know ~ Elephants weigh about 5000kg, cows can weigh around 4000 to 5000kg! Like humans, Ellies tend to be right handed.Clever Ellie!

by uMngeni SPCA

It's raining, it's pouring...keep your pets cosy and warm with a blanket or two and give them lots of cuddles! <3

by uMngeni SPCA

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."

by uMngeni SPCA