Field Work

What we do:  Outreach is a vital aspect of the uMngeni SPCA’s work and lies at the very heart of what we stand for – preventing cruelty and administering assistance, care and advice to animal owners from the poorest of our communities.   The animals in these areas have little if any hope of receiving professional attention and the SPCA is often their lifeline.

Outreach clinics are held throughout our area from time to time. Here animals are dipped, de-wormed, vaccinated against rabies and identified for sterilisation or veterinary treatment at our veterinary clinic in Howick.

Our flagship annual Hill’s Township Dog Show and Clinic, held in different venues each year,   attracts hundred of owners with their dogs which receive the full top to toe treatment as well as being fitted with new collars and leads. Sponsored goody bags include Hill’s dog food, dog blankets, bowls and other treasures.

How we do it:  Our two Field Officers are out and about in the rural areas and townships within the areas covered by the uMngeni SPCA and beyond.   They interact with community members on a daily basis when they collect their animals for treatment or sterilisation at our veterinary clinic at the SPCA in Howick. When the animals are returned the officers take the opportunity of educating their owners on basic animal care, feeding, shelter and parasite control.

Are we winning?:  Due to the work done by our outreach teams we are now seeing more and more animals being brought to the SPCA by impoverished owners and they are willingly contributing whatever they can afford.   This gives us a clear indication that more and more owners are developing a greater appreciation of their animals, a better understanding of the responsibilities of animal ownership and a willingness to “do what is right for their animal”.



Meet the team

Eric Jensen

Eric : Finance

Eric : Finance

Eric is the SPCA’s newly appointed Accountant and is the main man when it comes to ensuring our books remain balanced and our budget remains stable. He brings years of accounting experience with him and is a very important asset to our Society.

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Lots of people talk to animals.... Not very many listen, though.... That's the problem. ~Benjamin Hoff, The Tao of Pooh

by uMngeni SPCA

We support ONLY the circuses that DO NOT use animals of any kind to entertain the crowds. The use of wild animals in Circus acts is inhumane

by uMngeni SPCA

did you know ~ Elephants weigh about 5000kg, cows can weigh around 4000 to 5000kg! Like humans, Ellies tend to be right handed.Clever Ellie!

by uMngeni SPCA

It's raining, it's pouring...keep your pets cosy and warm with a blanket or two and give them lots of cuddles! <3

by uMngeni SPCA

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."

by uMngeni SPCA