Lost and Found

Missing Pets

If you have lost your animal we urge you to visit your local SPCA, with a photo if possible.   Don’t expect to be able to find your lost pet by verbal description alone.   It is amazing how differently any two people may describe the same animal.   Distribute any picture you may have of your animal widely, via email, local newspapers, in shop windows and at all the SPCAs, other animal shelters and vets rooms within the possible radius where the animal could be found.   Keep going back to physically check the shelters.

If you do find your animal please then notify all the above and remove your posters.   Caring people worry about lost pets and it lifts their spirits to learn that an animal has been found.  This even applies if it is dead which is sad but better than not knowing.

Found /Stray Animals

Should you find an obviously lost animal please take it to your local SPCA or notify them that you have it and give a description, and photo if possible.   The SPCA will come and fetch an animal that is contained but they cannot use up precious resources searching for and chasing animals that have been spotted running loose.

We do not display pictures of the stray animals in our facility due to the risk that people who are not the genuine owners can then describe and claim them.

Unpleasant though it may be, should you find a dead cat or dog, please bring it in to the SPCA in a black plastic bag.   Someone may be looking for that animal and it can bring closure for them if they can identify the body as that of their missing pet.   It will be listed with the SPCA as a found animal (DOA) and recorded as such with a description.

Small Animal Pound

The uMngeni SPCA is the official Small Animal Pound for the uMngeni Municipality.  Stray animals are held for a minimum of 5 days.   If the owner has not claimed them in this time they then become the property of the SPCA and may be put up for adoption.

Meet the team

Eric Jensen

Eric : Finance

Eric : Finance

Eric is the SPCA’s newly appointed Accountant and is the main man when it comes to ensuring our books remain balanced and our budget remains stable. He brings years of accounting experience with him and is a very important asset to our Society.

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Lots of people talk to animals.... Not very many listen, though.... That's the problem. ~Benjamin Hoff, The Tao of Pooh

by uMngeni SPCA

We support ONLY the circuses that DO NOT use animals of any kind to entertain the crowds. The use of wild animals in Circus acts is inhumane

by uMngeni SPCA

did you know ~ Elephants weigh about 5000kg, cows can weigh around 4000 to 5000kg! Like humans, Ellies tend to be right handed.Clever Ellie!

by uMngeni SPCA

It's raining, it's pouring...keep your pets cosy and warm with a blanket or two and give them lots of cuddles! <3

by uMngeni SPCA

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."

by uMngeni SPCA