Merial’s new monthly chew keeps dogs tick and flea free

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Merial, maker of the trusted FRONTLINE® range, is delighted to bring South African dog owners NexGardTM. It is the first vegetable-based monthly oral chewable that is well tolerated, convenient and affordable. It kills both ticks and fleas quickly and effectively, with continued protection for a full 30 days.

We are very excited about the launch of NexGardTM and this additional no-mess, no-fuss solution it provides dog owners to protect their dogs from both ticks and fleas and the diseases associated with these parasites,” says Marianna Rossouw, Business Unit Head: PETS, Merial South Africa. It is designed with the intention to give dog owners an option to choose which ectoparasiticide will best suit their life style. Whether it be the FRONTLINE® spot-on topical treatment or the new NexGardTM chewable, both are well tolerated and highly effective.”

Having received approval from the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, NexGardTM it is now available in South Africa at veterinary practices and vet shops. NexGardTM is proven to be gentle and is well tolerated by dogs when administered at the recommended treatment dose. It is quickly absorbed allowing it to be redosed should the dog vomits after the tablet has been administered.

The beef-flavoured chewable tablet is administered once a month, with or without food. NexGardTM is highly palatable to dogs, with a study showing that 90% of dogs readily accepted the chew. Entirely vegetable-based and meatless it is suitable for dogs with beef allergies and will be appropriate for vegetarian households.

Providing a more affordable option for South African dog owners, many of whom are feeling the pinch of the current economic situation, dog owners have the ability to buy a single NexGardTM treatment which eliminates the need to purchase a three-month supply upfront.

While convenient and affordable, NexGard™ works fast and effectively, providing immediate peace of mind and reassurance that the dogs are protected. NexGardTM is proven effective in treating infestations by the main species of ticks and fleas in dogs, and kills both the cat (Ctenocephalides felis) and dog (Ctenocephalides canis) flea species in South Africa.

Available in four sizes, NexGardTM has proven to be extremely effective in low doses when it comes to treating and preventing flea infestations, as well as treating and controlling ticks, in adult dogs and puppies 8 weeks and older, weighing 2kg or more. The novel active ingredient in NexGardTM afoxolaner, is a compound from the isoxazoline family, with a new and distinct mode of action, developed specifically for the treatment of fleas and ticks. In laboratory studies, NexGardTM was 100% effective in killing adult fleas within 24 hours, while providing ongoing protection against fleas for 35 days, and more than 90% effective in killing ticks within 48 hours, while providing ongoing protection against ticks for 30 days. As NexGardTM kills fleas before they lay eggs, it also prevents subsequent flea infestations after the start of treatment of existing flea infestations.

“Merial is a market leader in the protection of pets against ticks and fleas, and we have combined our years of experience and technical knowledge to develop another effective and well tolerated flea and tick solution, NexGardTM.” concludes Rossouw. “We are pleased to remain on the forefront of developing innovative new products demonstrates our commitment to the good health of animals and pet owners.”

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