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Controlling with kindness.

The SPCA receives regular reports of bird infestation on buildings, houses and farms and is in the process of assessing several methods that are deemed to be cruel and unacceptable – for humane control the SPCA advises:- Use exclusion methods – i.e. netting / making areas inaccessible. Make an area available for birds to rest, […]


The NSPCA was made aware that the Johannesburg Zoo is bringing in another elephant. This decision has been made following the death of one of their elephants, Kinkel, earlier this year – leaving their remaining elephant alone. The captive environment for elephants at the Johannesburg Zoo is detrimental to any elephant’s well-being. The NSPCA was […]

Sad Passing of uMngeni SPCA Volunteer.

Mary Bohmer  16 April 1930 – 30 March 2018  Mary Cade was born in 1930 on a remote, rural farm in Kenya – the eldest child and only girl, of 4 children. Life was financially tough for the family but was exciting and adventurous, as you can well imagine. Animals were always part of her […]

Caring for our staff.

Another very successful workshop was held on Compassion Fatigue by Dr Marlet Tromp. ‘To work is to earn a living, make money or make a difference. The challenge in the SPCA is not only to deal with the magnitude of people’s emotions, but also the emotional connection with animals and their suffering. The intention of […]

Baboons and Monkeys

              Some ways to prevent conflict Don’t feed baboons or primates under any circumstances. Ensure rubbish bins are tamper proof. Erect electric fencing around landfill sites and rubbish dumps. Ensure refuse is removed on a regular basis. Ensure entrances, including windows, to buildings housing food matter are permanently primate […]