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The significance of our uMngeni SPCA Emergency Number

Many people ask what constitutes an emergency. We, as an Animal Welfare organisation receive many, many emergency calls within any given month. While we are more than happy to provide immediate and important response to any animal in dire need of our assistance, we do not operate at full capacity 24/7. Many calls we do […]

Rabies Info

Please click on the following links for more information: Update-on-Jackal-Rabies-in-KZN-Midlands Jackal-Rabies-in-KZN

Don’t Delay, Always Spay!

Many people ask us why we are such avid advocates of sterilisation and the simple answer is because it’s a lifesaver. It’s no myth that there is an overpopulation of unwanted pets nationwide. Every year thousands of cats and dogs end up homeless and sadly, there are just not enough people to adopt all these […]

12 Ways to help raise money for uMngeni SPCA

  Not everyone knows that fundraising comes in many different shapes and forms. Every charity organization has various methods of raising much needed money to ensure that their organization keeps the cause they are affiliated to, running and maintained. This is often, not an easy task, especially as economic times get tougher and everyone is […]

Loneliness after parting with beloved pets

  There are thousands of people now living in Howick who have chosen the comfortable, secure lifestyle offered by the various mushrooming complexes. Often after the passing of a spouse concerned children and friends persuade their bereaved parent/friend to move from what was their family home to a neat little unit in a retirement village. […]


We are currently experiencing an outbreak of parvo and distemper. These are viruses which are highly contagious. PARVO VIRUS Parvo virus attacks young dogs from as early as 8 weeks. Those puppies born from unvaccinated mothers and those puppies who have not themselves been vaccinated are at high risk. The virus attacks the lining of […]

Renee Karssing

Renee is an active and proactive member of the Events Committee. She is incredibly passionate about the welfare of all animals and goes above and beyond to assist in fund raising and creating awareness for our Society. Renee is the proud mum of two daughters, that, like her, are extremely compassionate to our four legged […]


  Whilst I know that special occasions come with celebrations and a lot of the time with fireworks too, these loud, bright displays that are shot into the night sky can be extremely harmful to all animals. Fireworks can cause animals’ emotional, psychological and physical harm. Their terror is not a choice – keep them […]

Animal Cruelty is Unacceptable!

  The world can sometimes be a very harsh place for all of us, not least of all, for animals, who cannot speak for themselves nor take care of themselves if held in captivity or outside their natural environments. Domestic animals rely on us to instil security, warmth, nourishment and love on them. One of […]