Don’t buy, ADOPT!!

To give another homeless pet, a loving, happy home is so important.  Many people feel that buying a pure bred pet is the way to go, but, this has many drawbacks.  After sharing my story of the loss of our beloved dog last week, I got to thinking. Whilst my family and I are not quite ready to welcome a new dog into our home, we certainly will at some stage. The thought of being able to give a happy, healthy and safe home to a homeless dog or cat in which she will grow old, warms my animal loving heart to its core.

Country-wide there are countless animals needing homes, and we are very lucky to have a great SPCA kennel operation right here in Howick. Every day, we see many animals come in that have either been surrendered, rescued, lost or found. Every day, our staff care for these animals with the utmost respect and love. We are blessed to have our very own Veterinarian who goes beyond the call of duty to treat the injured, and check the healthy.

There has been a longstanding debate amongst dog lovers and experts alike on the merits of a mixed-breed versus a purebred puppy. Those who are devoted to mixed breed dogs feel that they are hardier and more inclined to have steady temperaments and make devoted pets. They also believe that a mixed-breed dog – or cat – usually has a reduced chance of inheriting a congenital disease. We like to refer to our pets in waiting not as cross, or mixed, breeds but rather as unique breeds.   Each one is unique and special.

The first place to look for any new pet to be part of your family should always be at the SPCA kennels in Campbell Road, Howick.  The cost of a dog or cat is limited to the modest adoption fee which includes spay/neuter and vaccination.  There is something particularly heart-warming about knowing you have given a second chance to an animal that looked at every passer–by with hope in their eyes.

At the end of the day, how your new pet turns out will depend very much on how you raise him or her.  Puppies will need patient and ongoing training to become a real pleasure to own. Proper health care is essential from the word go.   With the gentle and loving guidance of a committed owner, almost any kind of dog will grow into a reliable and loving companion.

So please don’t shop for a kitten or puppy, adopt from us and enjoy a lifetime of joy with your SPCA special; they will be there for you always. Visit our kennels at 15 Campbell Rd, Howick to view the animals that are waiting for their forever homes.

Until next time, take care.