Instilling a philosophy of compassion towards all living beings is the very foundation of prevention of cruelty.   People who don’t know any better cannot be expected to treat animals humanely. It is our experience that many people who learn that animals have feelings just like ours and should not be subjected to inhumane treatment are more than willing to change the way they look after their animals; they want to do the right thing once they know what that is.   It is all about education.

Pre-Primary Schools:  Last year we visited many of the pre-primary schools in and around Howick.

Primary Schools:   Children of Primary School age are considered to be the best subjects and we would dearly love to have a programme in place that can reach all those primary school youngsters in our area. Such an enormous task needs to be tackled one step at a time.

High Schools: We find it difficult to fit into the extremely busy timetables of High Schools and so prefer to concentrate on Primary School children. However, we get several visits from school parties to our Animal Shelter in Campbell Road, Howick.

Adult Education:  This is tackled by our Field Officers on a one-on-one basis during the course of their work. Our outreach clinics held several times a year also give us the opportunity for education to large groups of animal owners.