This is known as Planned Giving.  Remembering the uMngeni SPCA in your will means you will not suffer the slightest hardship and you can enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that the SPCA will continue to flourish and do the work it is here to do thanks to your foresight and your enduring love for animals.

We have a delightful, trained, Bequest Liaison Officer, Val Hollis, who is ready to answer your queries and give you every assistance you need.  Click here to email Val and she will get straight back to you.

If you want to help the SPCA without dipping into your capital then this is the way to go. For the SPCA, bequests are magical windfalls, reminding us of a dear friend and supporter.   Whether we are left a few thousand rands, a household of furniture or a small fortune in investments the bequest  arrives out of the blue, like manna from heaven, and makes all sorts of previously unattainable projects suddenly possible.

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