We are here to stop cruelty to animals but practically every case we deal with only comes to our attention through a concerned member of the public.    We are few and our area is huge.   We need the eyes, ears and heart of the public to help us locate those animals that need our help.   Issues like dogs barking or cats preying on garden birds do not fall within our mandate – those are classified as “nuisance animals” and have to be reported to the Municipality.

However where any animals are suffering due to neglect, lack of food or water, lack of shelter or wanton cruelty the SPCA appeals to you to report it to us.   Your identity will remain confidential unless you agree to stand as a witness in court.   To open a Case we need proof such as reliable and committed witnesses, definitive photographs or video footage showing, without a doubt, that this person treated this animal cruelly at this identifiable place.

When appropriate we will lay charges under the Animal Protection Act but we would be wasting our time and resources if we do not have evidence or proof to support our case.

Click here to report cruelty within the uMngeni SPCA’s area of jurisdiction (most of the uMngeni Municipal area in the KZN midlands).   To Report cruelty outside this area please contact your nearest SPCA or other animal welfare organization.   If in doubt click here for advice from our National Council for SPCAs.

If you are concerned about the welfare of any animal/s please still contact us as we always welcome the opportunity of visiting owners who need to improve the way they care for their animals.   We believe in education before prosecution and most people welcome the advice and assistance and do their best to comply with our suggestions.   If they don’t then we get tough.