We recently held our International Animal week and part of our theme for this week was making people aware of the dangers of fireworks to animals.

Its Guy Fawkes Day, Diwali and New Year soon and these days are especially of concern to us.  I am still not entirely sure why we even celebrate Guy Fawkes Day as it originated in Britain and does not really concern us South Africans in any which way! We receive many calls of lost animals and even injured ones during this time. An animal that is terrified of the noise will try and escape and run away. It then could be injured whilst trying to escape or whilst they are on the run.  Many potentially fatal situations arise from these loud fireworks.

What humans perceive as a loud bang up in the sky, animals perceive as rather a resounding bomb. To them it truly feels like the world is ending. They start to shiver, whine, cry and their hearts race. They cannot understand that those bangs are not going to hurt them. They are simply terrified. They will try and run from what they think, is dangerous. Loud, sudden bangs and booms are like living in a war zone to a sensitive animal.

We don’t like it when our loved one’s experience extreme fear so why should we want to allow our beloved pets to experience this? It is unkind, thoughtless and irresponsible.

Please say NO to loud fireworks! The bright, fun, dazzling ones are ok but the noisy ones really frighten the living daylights out of animals.

If anyone in your neighbourhood lets off loud fireworks and your dog or cat is afraid, please find them a dark, quiet corner in your home where they will be safe. Close the curtains, put on the radio or tv and give them lots of attention and love.

No-one is allowed to let off fireworks on a road, so please report this if it is taking place. Children are also not allowed to buy or let off fireworks. No-one is allowed to buy fireworks from a street vendor either. Licenses must be produced by anyone selling fireworks. The Police may be called in if any of these rules are broken.

So, with the “silly season” just around the corner, please be extra protective of your pets and enjoy the bright and dazzling fireworks safely and quietly.

If any problems with animals and fireworks do arise, please contact us on
033 – 330 4557.