The differences between SPCA and Funda Nenja

“Are they the same organisations?” many people ask – the simple answer is no, they are two different organisations.

Both organisations are NPO’s and both address aspects of animal welfare BUT, in two totally different ways and at very different levels.

SPCA and Funda Nenja operate from two separate locations.

Allow me to clarify the differences between them in a simple list:


  •  Our mission is in our name “The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals”
  • It provides 24 hour service responding to cruelty reports and other pleas for assistance for any other animal related problems
  • We are pro-active in serving the animal kingdom throughout its huge area of jurisdiction and beyond
  • A large part of our work involves assisting animals in indigent communities.
  • SPCA’s fundraising efforts and their events are solely for the purpose of the SPCA to allow the continuation of the organisation and their mission.


  • Funda Nenja’s two objectives are the following:
  1. To promote the human-canine bond in previously disadvantaged communities by using  dog training classes as a means to develop respect and compassion for all living things
  2. To raise awareness of animal welfare, and develop each participating individual in terms of self-discipline, responsibility and goal setting via the constructive, useful leisure activity of dog handling.
  3. Any fundraising that Funda Nenja does, is solely used for their objectives

uMngeni SPCA and Funda Nenja do have a symbiotic relationship in that the SPCA visits the training classes given by Funda Nenja every week, which is very reassuring. Dogs in need on veterinary attention are taken in by the SPCA, treated, sterilised and returned to their owners. The SPCA identifies animals in need of sterilisation and Funda Nenja has a policy that no dog can progress beyond the beginner class unless it has been sterilised.