uMngeni SPCA needs YOU!

With economic times as tough as nails, we are feeling the crunch more than ever. As much as we are here for the animals, and always will be, we are completely dependent on you, the Public and Private/Corporate Sector for funds to assist us in making sure that the welfare of all animals, currently and in the future are treated with kindness, compassion, respect and loyalty. The idea of any kind of cruelty to any animal is abhorrent and totally unacceptable, on every level.

The SPCA receives no funding from national government and all SPCA branches are required to source funding from their own communities to survive.

The uMngeni SPCA needs YOUR help. YOU have the power to prevent and control the spread of people/animal diseases in the poorer areas. Worms, mange and rabies from animals can be transferred to humans and in the rural areas, this is a huge problem.

Your donation will enable your SPCA to extend their services where it is needed the most. The health of both humans and animals alike is of the utmost importance to us. Funding received by you will be used to treat diseases in animals being transferred to people.

How can you help? Well, by donating money to our Society, you will be assisting in ensuring that the spread of diseases is controlled. There is a symbiotic relationship between humans and animals so by donating funds to us, we can help more people in the rural areas contain and control diseases spread by poor health care and less than nutritious food by animals.

We are driven by the people who support us, coming to our events and being involved in the events, helps us raise funds for much needed animal welfare.

Folk, we really, really need you. We are suffering from the economic crisis and need your financial support to allow the Society to continue doing the work we do. We need sponsorships, donations and perhaps, a well-known Patron (Nelson Mandela was the NSPCA’s Patron) who will bring awareness to our cause.

If you can help in any way, please be so kind as to contact

You will not only be doing something for the SPCA, but for yourselves too. Nothing is more rewarding than charity and knowing that your hard earned money is working to prevent cruelty and distress to humans and animals alike.

Thank you.

Ps – Don’t forget you can collect a 1000 Paws Sponsorship form from any one of our local retail outlets or download it from our website – your support would be most appreciated.