• We care for each other and for animals as sentient beings.
  • We respect the diversity of life.
  • We are available 24/7 in our service to animal welfare.
  • We will be honest and transparent in our dealings with each other and we will uphold the Animal Protection Act.
  • Our professionalism is evident in our commitment, honesty and level of knowledge, both in and outside the organization


  • GOVERNANCE:  We will operate under best practice principles in terms of animal welfare, finance and human resources.
  • HUMAN RESOURCES: We will attract, develop and retain talented people.
  • ADMINISTRATION: We will maintain accurate records of data for the most efficient running of the organization, identification of problems and forward planning.
  • FUNDING: We intend ensuring the continual procurement of funds in order to meet current requirements and for future growth.
  • INFRASTRUCTURE:  We will maintain and develop the optimal standards of equipment, buildings and facilities to best benefit animals and the staff who serve them.
  • PUBLIC RELATIONS: By promoting our SPCA we will create awareness of animal needs and educate the public on animal welfare.