What veterinary assistance do we offer?

At our premises at 15 Campbell Road, Howick, we have a veterinary clinic with well equipped theatre, examination room, recovery cages, high-care kennels and cages and kennels for animals needing longer-term recovery care. We also have limited facilities for the short term care of calves, goats and other small stock.

We have our own fully qualified veterinarian who has many years work experience with SPCAs.  Animals with little or no chance of ever seeing a veterinarian can receive treatment of the highest calibre in our well equipped facility.

We offer limited open clinic hours for vaccinations and primary health care between 11 am and 12 noon Monday to Friday, to those who qualify.

Who qualifies for our veterinary assistance?

Our veterinary service is strictly limited to those owners whose net income falls below a certain threshold.   Our basic fee structure is in accordance with the minimum charge stipulated by the SA Veterinary Council for all vets. To help indigent owners we work on a discount system based on people’s net household means. Anyone applying for veterinary assistance is required to complete a legal disclosure of their total monthly income and primary expenses.   Their application is then assessed and if they qualify for financial assistance the discount bracket is then determined.

In the case of truly indigent owners we find that even the poorest pay whatever they can afford to get our help for their animals.