As a picture is worth 1000 words, every now and again, we like to let the photographs “do the talking”, so to speak, and thank all the very generous and kind folk that live in our community, who tirelessly think of the animals in our care, and quietly go about their business, raising money, food, blankets and prizes to donate to us. We wish to thank each and every person and company that have heeded the call for pet food and biscuits from us and that have gone out of their way to ensure we keep going and continue to make a difference in all animal’s lives. There are so many people to always thank and we do our very best to thank everyone so these are just a couple of pics from the people in the community that support us and sustain us. We extend our heartfelt thanks to each and every one who donates to us and implore you to please keep the animals in mind when the urge to give hits you. We appreciate it all.