When it’s time to say goodbye…

It’s never easy to say goodbye to a beloved pet, someone who is so part of a family, that when they are no longer there, you experience grief in varying degrees, anger as to why it had to happen and guilt for thinking more could have been done. My family and I have just recently had to make the very gruelling, heart breaking decision to humanely euthanize a very much loved and precious member of the family, when Havanna, our 11 year old Staffie became very ill. She had been failing for a while, battling to walk and she was going blind in her left eye. Then, our poor old girl began vomiting up blood. We rushed her to the vet and he told us she probably had cancer in her stomach. She was extremely nauseous and going downhill very quickly.

My son and his girlfriend were thankfully, home from University for a recess and as Havanna was very much their doggie (she slept in the bed and shadowed them both around day and night), I told them that it was a decision they had to make. To come to terms with either going through a ton of tests and treatments, prolonging her suffering and pain, or to humanely peacefully let her go. By this stage, Havanna was dehydrating from vomiting so much and the vet needed to know whether he must begin trying to find out what exactly was wrong (although he had told us she was very aged and her organs were failing) or whether to put her out of her suffering.

It was decided that the kids go back to the vet to see Havanna and they would make the decision there. The minute they walked into the consulting room, they saw that Havanna had deteriorated even more and as they looked into her beautiful, soft brown eyes, they suddenly knew what to do. They would gently hold and love her whilst she fell asleep, for eternity.

Our loyal, loving, funny Havanna quietly went to sleep just a few minutes later. She left a hole in our lives the minute she took her last breath. We all cried and cried, for what seemed like hours and hours, all huddled together in our grief and pain. When we couldn’t cry another tear, we talked about her, the funny little mannerisms we would miss, her love for roast chicken and cheese, and what a truly special family member she had been, for 11 long, loyal, lovely years. We had been so blessed to have her belong to us and we mourned the loss of our precious furry friend for a long time.

Our sympathetic vet said something very special. He said that animals come to us for such a short period of time because they are such blessings and God wants them back quicker. Yes, they ARE blessings and they deserve only love, a good life and happiness.

RIP our dear Havanna; we will miss you very much.

Remember to cherish the moments you have with your beloved pets, always.

Until next time, take care.