The SPCA can only be strong and effective with your support.   We have the expertise, the contacts and the passion to tackle any animal welfare issues but we rely on you to be our eyes and ears throughout our vast area.   It is caring members of the public who need to inform us of animals in trouble.   I recently spotted a calf wandering on the N3 near the Prospect Road on ramp.   When I phoned the uMngeni SPCA I was pleased to hear that our Inspector was already on her way as another member of the public had already called in about the calf.

Another hero in our eyes is Mr Musa Mdluli who was recently collecting firewood in the plantations near Sunfield Home when he came across an Alsatian caught round the neck in a wire snare.   He could have shrugged his shoulders and left the dog to die.  A long drawn out, useless, struggle to free itself would have ended in the dog dying of dehydration and starvation.  Mr Mdluli’s heart went out to the hapless dog but he could not free him alone so he abandoned his important search for firewood and went to the main road to flag down someone who could assist him.   Not many were prepared to stop for him but two people did and they called the SPCA.   Mr Mdluli said he would wait so that he could show the SPCA where the dog was snared.   When SPCA Field Officer Jabulani Mshengu arrived a party of four made their way into the plantation to the dog’s rescue.

The dog did not seem to understand that this rescue party represented his only hope and he certainly did not make it easy for them to cut the snare which was embedded in his neck.   He had to be restrained and physically carried through the trees to the SPCA vehicle, no mean feat even for four of them. Back at the kennels, the dog was treated and taken care of, and as he was unfortunately, not claimed, after his pound period was over, he was successfully rehomed.

For Mr Mdluli’s determination to get help for a dog that was doomed to a horrible, slow death we wanted to publicly acknowledge his selfless act.  We invited him to our Spring Fling where we presented him with a Certificate of Appreciation and a privately donated gift.   He is our Animal Warrior.

Any and every one of you can be an Animal Warrior just by reporting animal neglect and cruelty to the SPCA on 033 330 4557.

Heather Somerville,

Executive Committee member

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